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Daryll Tan

Category : Entrepreneur
Contributor :
28/05/2016 21:22 PM
Daryll Tan had dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur ever since he was a teenager. He ventured into establishing his own talent management and video marketing business at the age of 21. During his first year of his Business Management Degree at HELP University College, he dropped out to pursue his vision after putting much time and effort. In 2009, he started ChaseMotions, a startup that sourced, managed and introduced specialized talents like martial arts, fire performers, dancers and other performers to be featured in advertising mediums. However, after 6 months, he decided to pivot the business into a video management company where they matched brands with talented videographers and boutique production houses to create quality videos at an affordable rate while maintaining the quality of things. A few months later, he co-founded OpenMinds Resources and has been actively involved in Social Media consultation, creative strategizing and product and business development. Specializing in creative marketing and ideation, he serves wholeheartedly to manage client accounts, consult industry leaders on social media positioning, oversee content creation and strategize on marketing campaigns to engage the intended target audience and build brands. He has worked alongside high-profile brands and companies such as CIMB Group, Sunway Group, Snowflake Malaysia, Menarini Pte Ltd, HAUS Living Concepts, MICPA, KL SOGO, Shang Nest, Enfiniti Vision Media, Encorp Berhad and many more. He has also been active in sharing his passion on entrepreneurship, leadership and social media to various media, organizations and events such as Monash University, Groupon, The Capital TV, IGEM and more. As an entrepreneur, he strives to find solutions and build valuable products and actively nurturing high performing teams and enhancing innovative thinking.