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Paul Gan

Category : Entertainment
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28/05/2016 21:22 PM
Paul Gan is a filmmaker whose short film The Boy Who Rocked The World garnered several awards at the BMW Shorties Competition 2013 (for Best Cinematography, Best Set Design, and Best Sound Design), the Malaysian Digital Film Award and the Sundance Short Film Contest. In 2015, his short film premiered on the Sundance Channel on National Day. Prior to that, he was an editor for Astro for the Masterchef Malaysia reality competition show and worked with a digital effects company. Less than two months later, he was able to crystallize his ideas into a script, which had been brewing in his mind for over a year. He came up with a script of a poor boy that dwells in his rich imagination for music, introduced by his dead brother. Growing up in the local culture with the influence of his mother’s baba side and P. Ramlee movie, Gan learned how to tell a story brilliantly with local flavor. After meeting with a video production house to shoot the film, his partners agreed to shoot it by sharing only half of the expenses. This means he had to foot out RM18,000 from nothing. As a kid, his dad would bring him to cinemas and it was then when he realized his love for movies and the emotions and impact in them. He was inspired to make his own film one day. He first pursued the path of acting, appearing in commercials and TV series. He then realised that a lot of local film directors do not utilise the boundaries and possibilities of acting, except a few notable ones like the late Yasmin Ahmad. Upon discovering his talent in telling stories, he decided to take up directing. According to him, films are not just an educational tool as they can also be deeply impactful to people's lives. He loves filmmaking as films spark a close and intimate relationship between filmmakers and the audience when it touches their hearts. That relationship is both rewarding and magical.