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Noor Azman

Category : Unsung Hero
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16/07/2015 16:14 PM

There are no two people more deserving of my gratitude in this world than my parents. My father, Noor Azman Zainoland my mother, Norain Ismail are both the biggest reason for me being the person that I am today. Through their unconditional love towards their sons (of which I am the eldest), they have shown that they are indeed amazing human beings and deserve no less than the best in this world and the next.


Both teachers who have been teaching for over twenty-five years, they have not lived in luxury throughout their lives, but their dedication and determination to support their children and give them the best at all times is truly a testament to how wonderful parents they are. They dont mind if they have to go through tough times, as long as in the end their children get the best. They work hard in instilling us, their sons, with values that will ultimately allow us to survive in the real world and contribute to society at large.


From the early days when a teachers salary was a lot lower than it is nowadays, theyve grown from strength to strength and strived to give their children an environment where they were present throughout, because they understand just how important it is to us children for them to be there when we were growing up. My father even insisted on bringing the whole family along when he pursued his degree in New Zealand, even if it meant that he had to find a way to scrap together the money to single-handedly support us the whole time we were there, just so that we didnt feel his absence for those two key developmental years.


Both their love towards us is an inspiration and I am eternally grateful to them for everything they have done for me.