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Ziwei and Ziyin

Category : Fashion & Style | Innovator
Contributor :
28/05/2016 21:17 PM
Ziwei and Ziyin are two brothers behind Zcova, a startup that is looking to both modernise and personalise the way consumers purchase naturally formed diamonds. Zcova believes in offering a personalised consultation service where they source the right kind of diamond that meets both customers’ budget and requirements, and also offer assistance with the design and fitting of the ring. Ziyin always had a penchant for design since he was young, and his interest for this particular form of art continued to blossom as he pursued his degree in design at the University of New South Wales, majoring in jewellery design. After that, he enrolled in a 9-month intensive GIA course in London. It was here that he grew his fascination for gemstones, learning about their chemical properties and other related specifics. He was then given an opportunity to work in Beirut with a diamond and gemstones company. Through that experience, he was given a bird’s eye view into the entire industry of how rough diamonds move from the mines to the retailers as polished products. He also picked up the ability to appraise jewelry. Together, Ziwei and Ziyin decided to conduct research and it dawned upon them that startups and companies in the United States were already disrupting the traditional way of selling diamonds through e-commerce platforms and Malaysia had a lot of catching up to do. Given Ziwei’s business acumen—he spent 8 years with Ernst and Young and currently runs a chemical trading business and an advertising startup—he saw an opportunity to close this huge price gap for the consumers. With that revelation, the brothers joined forces to launch Zcova. Given that Zcova does not maintain any physical inventory, they can provide their customers with a larger variety of choices, better services, a frill-free experience, and reasonable prices with a fashion that suits everyone’s needs.