Why goal setting is important

Goal setting gives you both direction and a destination – and encourages you and your staff to reach beyond your perceived limits. Here, we outline the benefits of goal setting and how to set effective goals.

Seven things crushing your creativity

1. The problem: Email overload
You’re spending huge chunks of your week dealing with back-and-forth emails.
The solution: Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss is a productivity expert. His book, The 4-Hour Work Week, has sold more than 1.3 million copies around the world and he has been inundated with feedback from businesspeople who believe he has changed their lives

Is your business idea feasible?

So you have a great idea you want to implement. But how do you know whether your idea’s a sound basis for a business? It’s disappointing to find out your idea is not going to work after you’ve spent months on a beautiful business plan. Before you invest too much money and hard work, try these steps to start investigating whether your idea has the potential to provide the return on investment you need.

Finding your perfect business idea

Becoming self-employed is a growing trend. The opportunities are endless – but what is the perfect business idea for you, and how will you know it’s the right one?

Four must-read business books for startups

Thinking of starting a business? Perhaps your plans are already in motion? Spending a weekend with a best-selling business book might help elevate your idea from OK to outstanding. Here are some good business books aimed at startups. If it’s inspiration you need, read on! 

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