Maximising sales during the festive season

Malaysia has a number of festivals and celebrations, most of which are either religious or cultural in origin, and are bound in traditions and rituals. The festive season is often the busiest and most vibrant time of the year for some businesses across multiple industries. It is important that businesses hit the ground running to maximise the opportunity.

Building your business' online presence

It's critical that all businesses have some degree of online presence, as this is where most consumers go to research products and services nowadays. Make sure your business doesn't miss out on the opportunities to gain customers and increase sales.

How do I fix my advertising

If your advertising isn’t seeing returns, chances are it’s down to one of these problems. The good news is every problem has a solution

Getting the most from your advertising

Advertising can be a really expensive part of doing business, and it is easy to throw good money away on bad ideas.
Read our guide to see how you can sharpen up your tactics and keep getting the most from every advertising dollar.

Tips for preventing fraud

All businesses are vulnerable to fraud in one way or another. This guide offers you some tips on how to minimize the possibility of theft and fraud happening in your business.
Most opportunities for fraud can be eliminated through simple systems and procedures that all staff must adhere to. However, many business people believe 'it could never happen to me' and therefore don't turn their minds to effective control. Here are some ideas to control fraud:

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